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Preschool children are passionate in all that they do! Circle time is a big part of the day as the children come together to say good morning, to sing and welcome and talk about their ideas. Circle time is the foundation for our program because it is a time that children can share their thoughts and ideas that form the foundation for our emergent curriculum program. Children in the preschool room are true inquirers. They enjoy taking ownership of their own learning, as they are getting ready for Kindergarten by working on the foundations for future learning. Preschool is exactly what it is. It is a place that children can feel comfortable to blossom and grow it also sets the foundation for all the future learning to come.  Through games and stories and experiences children will learn letters, numbers and early literacy skills including prewriting and other cognitive activities.  We do all of this in a fun filled play based emergent environment where children have an opportunity to be children first before students. 

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