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People often talk about the “Playcare difference” and we certainly run an infant program unlike the rest. What makes our program so unique is that it’s a one – year program much like your child’s first year at school. At Playcare we believe in consistency in environment and staff especially during the early year and therefore rather than using our infant room as a “feeder” for enrollment to fill our older aged daycare spaces we utilize the infant program as an actual program that is one year long like all the other classes in our Centre.


At Playcare we always maintain 100% enrollment and therefore we don’t shuffle the children through older rooms in the center for enrollment purposes.  The benefit of having your child in a one-year program is the consistency that this program provides so children become comfortable and confident in their learning environment. By offering one-year programs in our Centre you can see that at Playcare we do what’s best for the children in our care and not for the enrollment in the Centre. What parent’s love most is that children are always in age appropriate rooms because the children are aging together and fees are based on age not by room so everyone is paying a fair and consistent rate no matter what room you are in.

The classroom environment and the teachers who work in this classroom provide a safe and nurturing space for infants to acquire new skills. This room also provides a balance of structured and unstructured time throughout the day and provides an endless amount of learning opportunities throughout the day. The child- teacher ratio is 3:1 with a maxim number of 10 infants in the Centre at all times. Teachers plan accordingly for this group by taking in to account the individual stages and needs for this age group. Our infant room is a happy place; you can often see the parachute or bubbles flying around. We sing songs encourage language development and work on our self-help skills. We also partner with parents to help your baby grow into an energetic, fun toddler.

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